Saxton Hale Server Is Back!! And More!

Oh yea. The Second Server is back! Thanks to my awesome host UNITServers, they heard about my news with my other server, so they gave me a second server for FREE! And I was all like no way! But they were all like yes way. So here is the IP ! So have fun in there! 

In Other News. The Main server Temp IP will stay Thus being Perm. “Your IP will no longer change. NEVER EVER. This will be permanent same goes for your second server. We guarantee this” -UnitServers


Have Fun Out There!

Second Server Is Now Gone [Sad fayyceee]

My friend who hosts it on his box, currently have some serious cancer, and things look pretty difficult for him, so unfortunately he will be shutting down his whole server box any time now. Soo um say farewell to server #2

Less work for me when I add stuff on my servers..teehee..


Still I hope for the best for him. Hope he goes well.

Main Server IP Changed (Again)


I checked my ping on the new ip it’s much lower than before…hopefully it lags less.

MvM Changed to Dodgeball

There have been issues with the hale mod, as when someone joins the server crashes. Server will be changed to dodgeball gamemode sorry for the inconvenience..

Saxton Hale is Now MvM! Password is Below

For the time being the Saxton Hale server will be running on MvM maps!

The Password for the Server is “muffinsareinderpy”

That way server won’t be flooded with random people :3

Mann vs. Machine

Oh…boy…Here is comes! I can’t wait until this update pulls out, things will go down, way down. Now I wonder how the gameplay would be like and what classes you can choose far I think you can only play as Scout, Heavy, Demoman, Solider, and Engineer. Spies can backstab…but not sure if it would cause damage to a robot. Snipers can be a bit useless when fighting an army of bots, and probably Pyro as well. Hell, what would I know, but there is only one way to find out…is by waiting.

Welcome to the Site.

Since I was on my old webhost. It was very unreliable, so I changed to Hosting24. So welcome to the wordpress site. Also I created a full forums, you can register and post idea, general topics, etc. Within the past few days I have been away. But now I am back, and thanks to Missingno6, Shozo, and DarthGamer a lot of changes will be made to the orange server.

Such as:

  • Server Rename
  • RTV [Rock the Vote] And Nominate to use to select a map
  • Server will no longer be 24/7 Orange Only
  • Server will be on more maps, and more pony maps
  • Map cycle including the orange maps, pony maps, etc
  • The base Scout Pony models will be optimized for the fastDL server
  • Server rules have been changed. You can see them here
  • I will be getting on the server a bit more often to check up on things
  • Admins should NOT be screwing with server commands when I’m not on to prevent damage to the server. If you see this report it on the forums

So there you have it.