TF2 Server Rules

TF2 Base Server Rules

Quick Rules

1.) Hacking is not permitted, and results in perma-ban.
2.) Exploits for an unfair advantage is not allowed.
3.) Any spray is allowed but some sprays may be removed at admin’s discretion.
4.) Do not discriminate other players based on what they like/race/etc.
5.) Do not Troll/Disrespect the Administrators/Players.
6.) Do not bug anyone for Admin/Admin Abilities (Noclip etc.). You will be ignored.
7.) Spawn Camping IS allowed, but DO NOT EXCESS.
7a.) The spawn roof (in orange) may be used to your advantage; It will be treated the same as spawn camping however.
8.) Friendly Players are allowed however all admins will be indifferent to the matter; do not expect admins to act upon it if players decide to kill you.
9.) Mic-Spamming with appropriate software such as HLDJ is acceptable. Any other method such as playing music through your microphone will result in a mute.
10.) When using HLDJ do not play over others mic-spam. It will result result in a mute; In extreme cases micspam will be disabled temporarily.
11.) Have fun or we’ll take it from you…while laughing over your ban appeal.


Admin Rules

  • Do not abuse commands AT ALL [It can cause server crashes].
  • Do not spam commands [Like sm_slap, or noclip].
  • Do not use admin powers to gain advantage to other players[Godmode herp derp].

Warning System


An admin will warn you 3 times. After the first 3 times, you will get kicked. If you repeat your disorderly behaviour you will be banned depending on your actions and the Administrators judgement.