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TF2 Donator Perks And Features

To Gain Donator Access You must Donate a Minimum of $5

[1 Month Membership]
Don’t want to donate monthly? Well we have a new Lifetime Donator Package! It only costs $50, and remain VIP or as Donator status for as long as the server lives. (Also get more secret features)

(Donating Helps the Server and Website pay for itself! Did you know that the only reason the server and site is still up because of our donators? Well its true, and without them the server would shut down..So realize when you donate, not only you get rewarded for it, you are also donating to help the server stay alive.)


-End of Round Immunity/Godmode
-Many Custom Models
-Slot Reservation
-[VIP] Tag in front of your name
-Use Colored Chat! Check Command List
-[NEW] Toggle Friendly Mode! Check Command List


To use these commands you must know how to open the Console by pressing ~ If the console is disabled, re-enable it by Hitting ESC>Options>Keyboard Tab>Advanced>Enable Developer Console ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-To Access Custom models type equip or mm in console. Or use !equip or !mm in chat
-To Access Noisemaker Type sm_noisemaker in console or /noisemaker in chat
-For no Fall Damage [Must type after every life] Type sm_nofall or /nofall in chat
-For No Self Damage [Only Typed Once] Type sm_noself or /noself in chat
Colored Chat Commands:
To use this correctly do as followed.
Open chat type one of these


Followed by your chat message..

IE: /green Hello guys :D

IE2: /red I’m Angry Grrr

Or use the console:

sm_green Sup fellas


Model Menu Commands

!mm in chat or mm in console

OR !equip in chat


Robot Commands

sm_robot in console or !robot in chat.


NoiseMaker Commands

sm_noisemaker or !noisemaker in chat

For other noise maker commands type “sm_searchcmd noisemaker” in the console.


Friendly Commands

sm_friendly or !friendly in chat.


Misc. Commands

sm_nofall or !nofall in chat (Disables Fall damage for that life)

sm_noself or !noself in chat (Disables Self Damage as long as you are in the server)


Other notes

If you don’t want your commands to be broadcasted while typing it in chat use “/” instead of “!”


For other amounts of Donations, use the Paypal Button Below
Disclaimer: If you have donated without contacting the owner within 1-2 weeks, your transaction will be refunded, if this is not the case a refund will NOT be casted, and opening a dispute for an online virtual item will get your dispute closed in PayPal, for they are not responsible, or have protection for online virtual goods.