Server will be down for the time being [Internal Issues] + More Info on Server Relations

Yea, if you haven’t noticed yet..which was pretty obvious, the servers have been down lately. Info from my host he says that the servers were DDOS’d and like things went nuts. It’s either that or they were ddos’d

Either way the server will be down for the time being, there may be a change the IP will change again for the millionth time, and there is also a small chance I will be changing game server hosts if this continues. Meaning the second server will be gone perma, since no one plays there. Or worse case senario I shut everything down, until my own money flows in.

Also in other news the servers funds are currently ridiculosly low (because the second server is like wasting money man..seriously) Right now there’s like $23 in funds. My current billing is $0.83 per slot. So you do the math.

I highly suggest, if you are going to donate, do it when the server is up and running, and when I say “oh look the server is up hop in the band wagon…”

So yea, thats the info for today.

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