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Community 3rd Year Anniversary!


So far its been 3 whole years since I first opened the server, those were the golden days. As players come and go, the community remained the same, but like most things it has changed a lot after the second year. There has been a lot of things lacking recently due to either, my lazyness, being busy, or occupied with something else. The best part is no one talks to me about any issues with the server except for my staff, acting like I’m gunna bite you or something. Either way, be who you may be, I’m going to thank the staff, and the community…well the good section of the community, minus the trolls, and myself for establishing this whole thing, bringing players together. This server was intended for bronies, I mean it still is, but I like to be even with the other guys that don’t really take much interest in it too, at least I’m considerate about that heh. Anyways many thanks to you all for being around and keep on rolling.

Also note a few…changes may be made for the third year specifically on the main server [TF2]. To fend off the bad people of the server and bring in the good. Several members have left due to some trolls on the server, discriminating one another for a few laughs? This is mostly towards the guys that still make fun of the pony boys/girls out there. I’m going to say this, ANY kind of discrimination and excessive trolling will be dealt with a stricter punishment, because these trolls are what is causing some people to leave, I want people to be nice to one another regardless of skill. I don’t want to have a community where people are all Eliteist, and claim they are all good at the game and shit on the other players for not being so “pro” and pretty much make fun of them for not being “on their level”. Just because you are good at a game…specifically TF2, doesn’t give you the right to be an inconsiderate dickwad to other players. If you see anyone being harassed report them, and if you’re on staff please provide diciplinary action, regardless of who they are, and how big their reputation is.

For all the good guys and gals out there, thanks for sticking around, and have fun. Any questions or concerns please comment or make a post on the group forums.

Also to celebrate everyone will be able to have access to VIP features, except friendly mode for obvious reasons…

“Thanks and Have fun.” -Gabe Newell
Yours Truly~
Derpy :3

New Server! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!


Several of you, I’m sure have been wanting to see a csgo server come to light! Well here it is. Just a basic CSGO Server

-128 tick

-Allows Bhopping

-Competitive Gamemode

-No Friendly Fire

-Team collision

-No alltalk (Use global chat)

-Get knives you don’t have! (Unlock the others if you are VIP which is coming soon)

So there are the current specs. The IP is

Happy Fragging~

Celebrate the Servers’ Second Year Anniversary!!


It has been 2 years since December 5th, 2011 that the server was first pulled up from literally nothing but the hard work of…well me. Trying to made a great brony server that everyone would like. It happened, within the servers first few weeks it has been getting a lot of traffic, and from there things have been going well. Within each generation of new players come a new atmosphere, which is what keep the server…surprisingly going strong. And now this isn’t just a brony server, it’s more of a server that accepts bronies and non-bronies, which is good! So anyways I’d like to thank myself for obviously starting this whole thing, many thanks to the donators that donated money to help the server stay alive and going, thanks to the community for making the server a memorable stay each and every day. And most importantly thanks to the server admins who helped keep the server fun and in control. THANKS TO EVERYONE!! Now time for the real stuff. Due to this special day everyone…EVERYONE, gets access to the VIP features [excluding friendly mode] that includes the models, and commands. This will last until 12/8/13 at 12:00AM EST. So here are the commands listed below


To use these commands you must know how to open the Console by pressing ~ If the console is disabled, re-enable it by Hitting ESC>Options>Keyboard Tab>Advanced>Enable Developer Console ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-To Access Custom models type equip or mm in console. Or use !equip or !mm in chat
-To Access Noisemaker Type sm_noisemaker in console or /noisemaker in chat
-For no Fall Damage [Must type after every life] Type sm_nofall or /nofall in chat
-For No Self Damage [Only Typed Once] Type sm_noself or /noself in chat
Colored Chat Commands:
To use this correctly do as followed.
Open chat type one of these

Followed by your chat message..

IE: /green Hello guys :D

IE2: /red I’m Angry Grrr

Or use the console:

sm_green Sup fellas

Model Menu Commands

!mm in chat or mm in console

OR !equip in chat

Robot Commands

sm_robot in console or !robot in chat.

NoiseMaker Commands

sm_noisemaker or !noisemaker in chat

For other noise maker commands type “sm_searchcmd noisemaker” in the console.

Misc. Commands

sm_nofall or !nofall in chat (Disables Fall damage for that life)

sm_noself or !noself in chat (Disables Self Damage as long as you are in the server)

Thank You,
With much love to the Derpy Gamers Community

New Community Comms Hub!

Aka Voice Chat Thingy. I’m too lazy to make a whole new announcement so I’ll copypasta Mr. Darkling’s Post on Steam.

So here it is.


Greetings Scrublings and Tryhards,

Mr.Darkling here with an offer to show you guys.
Today a fellow admin (iAN) showed me software similar to that of ventrillo, teamspeak and mumble.

It’s called RaidCall and the obvious difference is it’s free, fortunately that doesn’t mean the quality is bad either.

It works like the previous mentioned software with separate channels for different games and we thought this might be a cool way to keep the DG community together, even outside of Team Fortress 2.
The software also partners nicely with it’s own micspamming software and we’ve made a channel just for micspam, the best part is it streams in good quality and not sound like shit; you wouldn’t have to convert your music/sound files, you’d simply choose from your music folder and not have to worry about offending people’s ears with your “amazing” skill in editing sounds for HLDJ ;)

There will also be a private room for you to be put into, if you wish to discuss with admins about a server issue or your sexual fantasies about Flapperson (we probably won’t want to hear that bit.)

Here is a link to the Derpy Community Group:
(you might have to click this link again after you install/sign up to join)

Please consider this a trial of sorts and post your comments about what you think.
We’re open to suggestions to improve the experience and find out whether it’s really worth it; considering you guys love to micspam I imagine it will.

TF2 Server is back up!

Not only the TF2 server is up, for those who have no idea, we also spanned to Garry’s Mod! Now you can make some crazy ol’ contraptions and more! Aren’t you excited? Because I am.

So its time for learning.

TF2 Server IP:

Gmod Server IP:

Servers are located in Chicago, IL

Why did it change from the other location I said?
Because decisions..

Server will be down for the time being [Internal Issues] + More Info on Server Relations

Yea, if you haven’t noticed yet..which was pretty obvious, the servers have been down lately. Info from my host he says that the servers were DDOS’d and like things went nuts. It’s either that or they were ddos’d

Either way the server will be down for the time being, there may be a change the IP will change again for the millionth time, and there is also a small chance I will be changing game server hosts if this continues. Meaning the second server will be gone perma, since no one plays there. Or worse case senario I shut everything down, until my own money flows in.

Also in other news the servers funds are currently ridiculosly low (because the second server is like wasting money man..seriously) Right now there’s like $23 in funds. My current billing is $0.83 per slot. So you do the math.

I highly suggest, if you are going to donate, do it when the server is up and running, and when I say “oh look the server is up hop in the band wagon…”

So yea, thats the info for today.

New Look!

Would you look at that! The site looks much better than before! I was looking at the site recently, and thought to myself, now how can I make this much better? The answer, use a theme…and if that don’t work, use more themes. And BAM! I found the perfect one, tweaked it, and made it poifect!

Saxton Hale Server Switched to Randomizer

TF2 Randomizer Mod

Well since I was begged to create the hale server. People played on it for a while. But they stopped. Then the server died. So the community has recommended we use Randomizer! In a nutshell Randomizer is pretty much a dice mod, that rolls the weapons you get. You can be a scout with a Mini-gun  an engineer with a flamethrower, and so much more combinations! So go out there and screw *squee* up.

Celebrate the Server’s One Year Anniversary!

That’s right. This is the server’s one year anniversary. I remember the first time I started up this server, back in December 5th, 2011. At first I was thinking the server wasn’t going to make it this long. But soon I realized I had so many people to support me and my servers with donations and by helping the server get more out in the know. And now, it is practically now a very popular brony server a lot of people are currently in love with. So in this celebration, I will be allowing EVERYONE to be able to use the Pony models and Robot models, starting today December 5th until the 7th of December at 4:00PM EST. Thanks for the support guys, really! THANK YOU!!!

Saxton Hale Mod Fixed

Yea, it’s fixed hopefully what I am saying it true. And I’m sure of it. Also the changes to hale include: Added Pinkie Pie, Painis Cupcake, Rarity, Twilight sparkle and applejack. There’s a chance I missed one. Also the fix includes you being able to see CBS properly. So Have fun out there lads.